The Egg Alliance

Enjoying eggs at the dining table has been a well-loved practice all around the world, by everyone across all generations.

Written by Satoko Akune


A realistic breakfast for the modern person is something simple like cereal. However, I’m sure there are many people who feel a sense of satisfaction on the weekend when they can take their time eating breakfast. 

In fact, breakfast plays a big role in creating a healthy body and cultivating a healthy mindset. Above all, dishes that incorporate eggs are excellent for your respiratory and digestive systems and are perfect for a body that hasn’t quite woken up yet.

Enjoying eggs at the dining table has been a well-loved practice all around the world, by everyone across all generations.

Let me start off with the breakfast of the Middle East – Shakshuka. This dish combines runny soft-boiled eggs with a tomato sauce made with paprika and spices, which is to be scooped up with pita or bread.

Israel, considered to be the home of Shakshuka, is a relatively new country that was founded in 1948. Jewish people from many different nations left their homes to come to Israel, bringing with them the cultures of their home countries and thus a variety of different food cultures. However, Shakshuka surpasses the boundaries of region and household and continues to be loved to this day, perhaps thanks to the worldwide accessibility of eggs.


Then there‘s Quiche, a dish originating from the Alsace Lorraine region of France. Alsace Lorraine is right on the border with Germany, a place where not only French but German home-cooking is popular.

To make Quiche, you combine heavy cream, cheese, and eggs for your base, add any other ingredients you like inside the dough of a crispy tart and bake it. Typical ingredients include onions and bacon, but many folks like to add mushrooms, anchovies, bleu cheese, smoked salmon, and so on. It’s the perfect dish for finding a delicious combination of ingredients that suits your taste.

Quiche provides you with all of your necessary nutrients, so while it’s perfect for breakfast, it’s also nice to take your time enjoying it with some wine or cider at brunch. Please give the homey flavors of French cuisine a try at your dining table.

Then there’s English Breakfast. Travel guidebooks will be sure to lay out the typical English Breakfast for you. Sausage, hash browns, beans and eggs are amply served together on one large plate for a satisfying Sunday breakfast. 

English Breakfast is typically a homemade dish, but it’s often served at pubs as well. For those who couldn’t possibly eat so much in the morning, the Scotch Egg is a nice option to have. You may think this is a dish of Scottish origin from the name, but it’s actually a local cuisine born in London, England.

The wonderful flavors of this dish, made by coating a boiled egg wrapped in spiced ground beef with bread crumbs and frying it, are condensed into a single bite. Please be sure to try this before giving any credence to the belief that English cuisine doesn’t taste good.
Now, as for Japan, traditional food has come to comingle with a variety of different food cultures at the dinner table. However, one traditional Japanese breakfast that comes to mind is a combination of rice, miso soup, grilled fish, natto, and Japanese omelet. Other small side dishes that pair deliciously with white rice are often served as well.

For someone who can't possibly prepare a meal like this, there’s always Eggs over Rice, a simple dish that anyone can make with ease. This is a meal consisting of raw egg and soy sauce served over warm rice. Besides the soy sauce made especially for Eggs over Rice that came out recently, you can do up your Eggs over Rice with whatever suits your fancy, like sesame oil or bonito flakes. There are many ways to enjoy this dish.

Breakfast takes the culture of a country and condenses it into a single meal. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about a new culture. I’ve done my best to introduce some creative ideas for you to enjoy incorporating new cuisines to your dining room table, even when you’re busy with everyday life. I think it would be wonderful if you could try to make these breakfasts at home, and someday even visit the birthplace of these dishes to try the authentic flavors for yourself.